Vending Machines in Northern Michigan, Traverse City and Cadillac

Keep your employees healthy, happy and on location with vending menus customized specifically for your workplace. When you offer delicious and healthy snacks, beverages and fresh food in your break room you improve both your employee health and your bottom line.


All vending machines are provided at no charge and stocked with a large variety of cold, refreshing beverages. To keep your selection interesting and fresh we fill each machine with 9 types of brand name beverages: soda, diet soda, water juice, tea, energy, sport, ready-to-drink coffee, flavored water.

  • Pepsi Products

  • Coke Products

  • Bottled Water

  • Energy Drinks

  • Teas

  • Sports Drinks

Vending Machines in Northern Michigan, Traverse City and Cadillac

Hot Beverage Vending Machine

Keep coffee breaks inside the office with hot beverage vending machines. Charge per cup or offer these gourmet beverages as a free employee benefit. All hot beverage machines include coffee, specialty coffee (i.e. cappuccinos, lattes, etc.) and hot water for tea.


We stock the most popular, name-brand snacks available, offering complete customization of your inventory. Also, we will regularly rotate in new products to keep your selection interesting. All snacks are vended by state-of-the-art equipment featuring new conveniences, such as infrared beams that can see if a product “drops” or not…and automatically refunds money accordingly.

  • Chips

  • Pastries

  • Healthy Selections

  • Bars

  • Cookies

  • Candy

Fresh Food

Our licensed and inspected commissary prepares fresh sandwiches, wraps, bagels, breakfast, lunch and dinner entrees DAILY. A large variety of healthy options with our Choice Plus program ensures employees with short breaks and late night shifts have access to nutritious fast meals.

  • Burgers

  • Sandwiches

  • Wraps

Let us revitalize your break room with healthy options and state-of-the-art equipment. Call us today at 1-800-442-3329 or email